Think poutine in Canada and you’re likely to automatically think of Montreal or Quebec City. You might be surprised to discover that British Columbia’s Vancouver is home to more than its fair share of poutine-proffering bistros and restaurants. If you are planning a trip to Vancouver in the near future, following are five must-try options for drool-inducing Canadian poutine:

Labelle Patate

Whether you have a hankering for bacon poutine, hot dog poutine, or Mexican poutine, you’ll find the curds you’re craving when you visit Vancouver’s Labelle Patate. Choose your size, pick your toppings, and dig into the yummy fries and cheese curds that Labelle Patate is famous for. They even offer vegetarian poutine for those with an aversion to meat.

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Fritz European Fry House

Fritz’ European Fry House is another fan favorite for delicious poutine. Choices range from pulled pork or marinated chicken to crumbled bacon or Montreal smoked meat. Opt for extra cheese and gravy and you’ll think you’ve died and gone to poutine heaven.

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Flying Pig

Although their poutine selection is limited at the Flying Pig, their pulled pork poutine is a must-try option for lunch or dinner. Made with local Pemberton Valley potatoes, their poutine is absolutely scrumptious when paired with bone marrow cheese bread. Can you say cheese overload?

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Located in Vancouver’s Kitsilano district, Corduroy offers a delectable poutine with aged cheddar curds and Guinness au jus. You can add extra blue cheese, organic sausage, or even braised ribs to your poutine. Choose from a wide range of beers, cocktails, ciders, or wines to make your meal memorable. They even offer mojitos and margaritas.

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Calabash Bistro

If spicy poutine whets your appetite, a trip to Calabash Bistro is definitely in order. Their poutine fries are dusted with jerk seasoning and tangy brie cheese. Toppings include jerk or curry chicken, hot-spiced vegetables, and curry vegetable sauce. Their fried coconut dumplings with mango honey are a tasty treat not to be missed.

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You definitely don’t have to travel to Quebec to enjoy mouth-watering poutine in Canada. Vancouver, BC is home to a cornucopia of culinary hot spots for poutine. Which of the above eateries will you be frequenting when you next visit Vancouver?

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