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Instagram is a popular social media platform that offers business owners and individuals a way to promote their brand and their products to their followers. The Instagram app allows you to send photos and videos directly to your customers and fans or you can post it to everyone at the same time.

First, it’s a good idea to get to know what Instagram is all about. It is a simple social media platform that is designed to promote visual art and photography either of an amateur or professional nature. Businesses can use it to show new products or to provide updates to current customers and business clients.

Instagram focuses on taking pictures that will appeal to your target audience and allows you to integrate it with your Facebook and other social media accounts, as well. But how can you use Instagram to generate income? This question has been asked many times because of the other social media platforms and the various ways that these platforms have set up to allow businesses and individuals to generate sales.

Many business owners and artists or individuals want to know how to make money on Instagram. It is a unique platform and not as complicated as Facebook or Twitter, but it holds many opportunities to generate income through the Instagram platform. Below are seven ways to use Instagram to generate an income that can pay off consistently for your brand or yourself.

7 Ways to Use Instagram to Make Money

1. Become a social media influencer. Using Instagram as a tool for social influence activities is one way to create an income. You can become a social media influencer for other brands and offer to promote their brand in a way that will help them gain leads and customers. This method of making money on Instagram can result in other businesses who hire you to promote their brands. Instagram is an excellent platform to do social influencing on due to its high level of engagement and photo sharing capabilities. Some brands pay you between $5 and $10 per thousand followers while others offer $100 per 100 members or more.

2. Post often and focus on your niche area. Posting regularly on your social media feed is a good way to gain followers for your company or brand. By posting on a regular basis and getting your customers to share with others, you can increase your leads and prospective customer base. The more you post on your account, the more people will visit your site and Instagram account to see what you will put up next. Being present regularly on Instagram also increases your credibility, and it keeps you on the radar of your prospective customers.

3. Sell digital products. If you sell digital products, Instagram is a great platform to use to promote them to your potential audience. You can put pictures of the products that you are selling such as eBooks, digital downloads, or software. Whatever your product is, you will inspire a higher level of engagement and interest by using photos and videos on Instagram. Make sure and include a link to your digital products where people can purchase them.

4. Sell your photos. Since Instagram is a natural format for which to show photos, why not sell your photos on Instagram too? People already have a mindset that they are going to see photos on Instagram so you can use this opportunity to display your digital photos and rake in some extra cash. Remember if you are a professional photographer, that you should only upload the best quality pictures. You must also follow the specifications for Instagram which can be found here.

5. Do affiliate marketing. Like social influencing, you can make money promoting products for others as well as your products and services. Find companies that are similar to your niche or locate businesses that feature products that you believe in and sell them through your Instagram account. Make sure and include beautiful photos that will entice people to purchase and add a call to action.

6. Use video to promote physical products. Photos are great, but videos can be even more effective with particular types of goods. If you have physical products that you wish to promote, create a video with your mobile phone and upload it to Instagram. It’s easy to do with the Instagram format, and you’ll be advertising your products in no time at all.

7. Connect with other brands to promote their products. We’ve talked about social influencer jobs that you can do for other companies. There are other ways to connect to brands and promote their products such as using services like Grapevine. This site allows you to connect to brands that you can promote via your social media accounts including Instagram.

Other Ways to Use Instagram to Make Money

There are some other ways that you can tap into the power of Instagram to create an income. One thing you will want to do is to think about whether you just want to create a one-time revenue for a particular project or to generate regular income through your Instagram account.

Promoting other companies’ products and services can be an excellent way to start generating income. But you will eventually want to branch out and focus on your own business. In fact, you could locate social influencers for your own business and outsource social media promoters to promote your brand much in the same way that you have done for other companies.

The smart business owner knows how to use the tools they have at their fingertips to promote their brand and ideas by providing people with a way to see your work in a visual medium.

Creating a Digital Portfolio

Have you ever considered creating a digital portfolio for your business? If you create digital files that you sell, why not create a digital portfolio and upload it to Instagram? This technique gives you a quick and easy way to share your work with prospective customers who may want to purchase all sorts of digital products from you.

Update Customers on Changes

If you own a business of any kind, you can also use Instagram to show your clients any updates to your business that you want to share with them. By adding people to your Instagram list when they become a customer, you can automatically update all of your current clients on any changes or additions that you make to your business. While you may not see an immediate income from this technique, it is an excellent way to increase your visibility and get clients to interact with you.

Find Contacts from Facebook to Transport to Instagram

One great feature about Instagram is that you may easily integrate it with Facebook. In fact, once you become a member of Instagram, your Facebook account will show how many contacts you have that you can transfer automatically to your Instagram list. This method will give you double exposure if you post on Facebook and Instagram with a system that is easily integrated into the two platforms.

For Artists and Musicians

Business owners are not the only ones who can benefit from Instagram and social media. The social influencer plan can be a great tool for independent artists, musicians, innovators, or anyone who wants to develop a presence online. By connecting to other musicians that you can cross-reference on your YouTube or Instagram posts, you can increase your following and help other artists to reach their goals.

How to Start Making Money Today on Instagram

This post should give you some ideas on how to get started making money on Instagram. It’s important to remember that no two social media platforms are the same and you should use each one in the way it was intended. Instagram is meant to focus on pictures and video so use it in this way whenever possible.

Make it a habit of connecting with new people who may be able to either help you promote your brand or to share your information with others. Also, you will want to promote others’ brands through social influencing so that you are developing relationships with companies and business owners who can help you.

Entrepreneurs are independent people, but the smart business owner realizes that working with other entrepreneurs to help each other can provide significant dividends in the long run. Instagram is one way you can tap into the monetization of your business and help promote the brands of others, too.

Start today by getting an Instagram if you do not have one. If you are already on Instagram, look at how others are using it to promote their brand and compare notes on what is the most effective. When you create stable relationships and alliances with the movers and shakers in your industry, you will be adding to your credibility and helping others, too.

Make sure that you create a step-by-step plan before you start your Instagram monetization strategy so that you can check your progress as you build your following.