OECD Science has recently published a report focusing on how new startups are entering the market. One of the most impressive stats in the report shows that Canada is the world leader when it comes to student-led startups, as 13.6% of founders started a company within four years of beginning a B.Sc. program.

When it comes to founders having previous academic or entrepreneurial experience, Canada falls into the middle of the list, which is a good indicator that there is a mix of veteran and first-time startup founders across the country.

The study also found that Canada had the fourth largest number of startups founded between 2001 and 2016 which were still operating in 2016.

Canada also saw the most IPOs and acquisitions behind the United States and U.K. from 2007 to 2016. Canada beat out the U.K. in total IPOs, as the growth-friendly TSX and TSXV ecosystem allows for an easy route to public equity.

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