Beyond Sushi: A Seafood Lover's Guide to Vancouver

Located on the western coast of Canada, Vancouver is a thriving hub for seafood enthusiasts. While the city is known globally for its outstanding sushi, its culinary scene offers much more to the seafood lover. In this guide, we explore some of Vancouver’s best seafood restaurants and dishes beyond sushi, promising an exciting gastronomic journey through the city.

Joe Fortes Seafood and Chop House

Address: 777 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E 3V5, Canada

Established in 1985, Joe Fortes is an institution in Vancouver’s dining scene. Although the menu features a wide variety of dishes, the seafood is a standout. Must-try dishes include the West Coast Bouillabaisse brimming with fresh, local seafood, or the pan-seared scallops served with a delicious truffle vinaigrette.

Blue Water Cafe

Address: 1095 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5T4, Canada

Blue Water Cafe is renowned for its commitment to sustainably sourced seafood. Not just sushi, they serve some of the freshest seafood dishes in the city. The restaurant’s executive chef, Frank Pabst, spearheads the “Unsung Heroes” festival every year, featuring underutilized seafood to raise awareness about sustainable seafood practices. The smoked sockeye salmon and the sablefish are among the most popular dishes here.

Rodney’s Oyster House

Address: 1228 Hamilton St #4084, Vancouver, BC V6B 6L2, Canada

Rodney’s Oyster House is the place to visit for the oyster aficionados. Offering a vast selection of fresh oysters from across Canada, this eatery is known for its vibrant atmosphere and excellent service. Beyond oysters, they also serve an incredible seafood chowder and the Lobster Roll is a must-try.

Go Fish Ocean Emporium

Address: 1505 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1E8, Canada

For a more casual seafood experience, head to Go Fish Ocean Emporium. Located near Granville Island, this seafood shack offers a simple yet delicious menu. The fish and chips here are a must-try, and so is the fish taco, made with the catch of the day.

The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant

Address: 1535 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9, Canada

Situated on Granville Island, The Sandbar offers a unique seafood dining experience with stunning views of the city and False Creek. The Dungeness crab and shrimp cakes are fan favorites, while the seafood hot pot gives a taste of multiple ocean delights in a single dish.

Vancouver’s seafood scene goes far beyond the confines of sushi. From casual fish tacos to decadent seafood stews, the city offers a multitude of choices for seafood lovers. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, embark on a culinary adventure beyond the sushi roll in Vancouver. Enjoy the city’s fresh and sustainable seafood offerings that will surely leave your tastebuds wanting more.