Giobean Espresso

“Giovanni and his family opened their coffee-house on Kelowna’s Water Street in 2010. Gio’s sole ambition: to bring the time-honoured tradition of Italian-style coffee drinks to guests in a welcoming environment with quality products and exemplary service. Giobean’s popularity as the go-to spot for early morning espresso, casual meet-ups over lunch and lingering on the patio evolved into the current, larger location.”

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Pulp Fiction Coffee House

“Welcome to our cozy retro coffee house! Our extensive menu includes everything imaginable made with espresso and milk (including soy and almond!). Our lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and americanos are made from Pioneer Coffee Company’s tasty espresso blend. Furthering our endeavor to support local business, we use Annegret’s dark Belgium chocolate to concoct our signature chocolate sauce that flavors our mochas and hot chocolates. Metropolitan Tea Company has supplied a variety of the finest tea leaves to tickle your flavor fancy.”

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Bean Scene Coffee House

“As pioneers of third wave coffee in Kelowna we are dedicated to selecting, roasting and preparing coffee that is exceptional.

Our coffee journey began in 2002 with ownership of the iconic Bernard Avenue location and the knowledge we could do better.

We overhauled all aspects of production. Espresso was returned to the top of the heap and drink size was decreased to offer smaller, traditional coffee drinks featuring latte art.”

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Il Tavolino Italian Bistro

“Here at Il Tavolino, we want to bring you more than a taste of Italy, we want to bring you a piece of Italian culture. Many cafés serve Italian-like sandwiches or coffee, but the Italian influence stops there. Il Tavolino makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a Florentine café, from the way you are served, to the quality of the products, to the feel of the space. Come sit at a tavolino and enjoy a trip to Italia!”

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Bliss Bakery and Bistro

“We love good food. No, we really love good food. In fact, we love it so much that we have dedicated our lives to creating the freshest, yummiest most more-ish food possible.

We love using fresh, locally grown ingredients, often in unusual ways. Combining flavours that we’ve loved for years and putting together entirely new ones are what get us up in the morning (or the middle of the night to be more accurate). And while local is good, there is something to be said for wild and exotic. Fijian vanilla, Belgian chocolate and Saigon cinnamon simply cannot be beat. We love food in its natural state. No weird chemicals. No icky preservatives. No hydrogenated oils. Just good stuff like real butter, whole cream, gorgeous cheese and of course, bacon.”

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Cherry Hill Coffee

“Since 1986, Cherry Hill Coffee has been hand-roasting coffee almost every single day. Any great art is born out of passion; Cherry Hill’s is coffee. We like to think that every day for the last three decades, our roast gets just a little bit better. We pay a fair price for premium Arabica green coffee beans from around the world and hand roast in small batches in the crisp, clean air of the Okanagan Valley. Every roast is infused with a sense of the west coast; laid back, but not lazy; crisp as the mountain air – yet as smooth as fresh powder.”

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“We’re a loose leaf tea cafe and shop based in Kelowna, BC. We source organically grown tea leaves, herbs, and spices from around the world, while supporting local as often as we can. We bring organically grown tea leaves, herbs, and spices to our shop and mix them together to create new blends.

Our teas are a medium to connect people and bring the community together.”

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Third Space Coffee

“In 2011, Ken Stober left a thriving construction and real-estate development company to pursue his passion of helping people and non-profits make the world a better place. Ken started collaborating with a group of like-minded professionals of what it would look like to create a one stop wellness center around the vibe of a community based coffee shop.. Scott Lanigan, Tracey Bennett, Ed Weiss, and Ron Schlitt formed the early group and the ThirdSpace Culture soon began to take shape.

A core value of its founder, was that Third needed to be a sustainable non- profit organism where 100% of its profits would be reinvested into its core services of counselling, coaching and chaplaincy. To this end investors are invited to participate in the vision to bring wholeness to as many people as possible.”

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Canoe Coffee Roasters

“Canoe Coffee Roasters is a Specialty Coffee Roaster in Kelowna, BC. We are a small batch roaster, which means that we roast frequently and do not maintain a stock of old, previously roasted coffee beans. When you purchase a bag of Canoe coffee, you can be sure that it is only a day or two out from being roasted, so that the coffee you brew is at its peak for freshness and flavour!

We take pride in using high-quality coffee beans that have a positive impact from farm to cup. Our supplier, West Coast Coffee Traders, works closely with farms, mills, and co-ops to ensure fairness and benefit for all parties involved. Ethical coffee that benefits our clients, the farmers, their employees, and their communities is a top priority.”

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