Thanh-Thanh Oriental Noodle House

“Thanh Thanh was established in 1986 by a husband and wife duo. We specialize in traditional Vietnamese cuisine such as phó, vermicelli bowls and fresh stir fries. Being a family owned restaurant, we believe in what we serve and we take pride in offering our customers exceptional quality cuisine.”

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Lan’s Asian Grill

“This Family owned and operated Asian Restaurant is a favourite to many. Their Bowls, Spring Rolls and Thai Green Curry Chicken are amazing.”

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Pagolac Restaurant

“Pagolac Restaurant takes you on a delicious experience with their traditional Vietnamese dishes.

Enjoy our Rare Beef Pho, Vermicelli Bowls, and Stir Fry straight to your door.”

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Doan’s Vietnamese Restaurant

“Our commitment to serving you delicious, fresh, authentic Vietnamese food has never changed. Our flavors and scents are reminders of our humble upbringings in Vietnam. There are many generations of the Nguyen family working together to share with you our savory Vietnamese cuisine. Just like a guest in our own home, we welcome you like you are part of our family!”

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“Here you will find the opportunity to sample the diverse and intricate cuisine of Vietnam. The Vietnamese cuisine has been influenced, throughout history, by different ingredients and cooking techniques, it incorporates Southeastern Asia and the West, particularly the French. The following menu items was chosen, because the dishes embody the spirit and charm that gave Vietnam it’s large and rich culinary repertoire.”

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Pho Boy

“Pho Boy Vietnamese Kitchen offers authentic pho and Vietnamese street food. Located on Whyte Ave, we’re locally-owned and operated, and believe in good food and great service.

Behind everything we do at Pho Boy, is a love of sharing food with others. We create food that’s designed to be enjoyed and savoured.

Our focus is on flavour and a commitment that the pho you get at Pho Boy is always packed with fragrance, depth and warmth.”

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Grain of Rice

“Grain of Rice in Edmonton is all about bringing traditional Asian cuisine, locally sourced ingredients and exceptional service together. This is a challenge in Asian-business culture, as previous generations have valued reducing costs over providing outstanding quality. To overcome this challenge, we believe that some rules must be amended.

You can expect your food to arrive hot and fresh in a timely manner, your drinks to be constantly filled and dishes to satisfy your palate every time. Our team members are committed to providing you with an unmatched experience!”

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