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Myra Canyon Park

“Reward your soul with an inspiring half-day trip to Myra Canyon. This highly-scenic portion of the Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) runs along a steep-walled canyon. Originally built by hand at the turn of the last century, this impressive landmark is highlighted by 2 tunnels and 18 trestle bridges that are too spectacular for words. You can hike it. Or you can rent a bike through Myra Canyon Bike Rentals and cycle it. Or you can get a guided tour with Monashee Adventure Tours or Cheers! Okanagan Tours and learn all about it. ”

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Knox Mountain Park

“The summit of Knox Mountain rises approximately 300 metres above the high water level of Okanagan Lake. While the lake shoreline borders almost 1,400 metres of the western park boundary, much of the remaining boundary is surrounded by residential development. The size, height, central location and natural amenities make this park a landmark that is a highly desirable destination for residents and tourists alike. Views to the park from the City and views from the park of the City, lake, and surrounding mountains are unparalleled. The original parcel of parkland was first dedicated to the City in 1939.

Knox Mountain is home to several representative Okanagan ecosystems as the park transitions from lakeshore to mountain top, including: riparian, wetland, Ponderosa Pine Bunch Grass, and dry Interior Douglas-fir. These ecosystems are fragile, dry and highly susceptible to erosion and degradation.

The park supports numerous activities including but not limited to walking, running, hiking, pedal biking (road, cross country and downhill), birding, nature appreciation, sightseeing, winter recreation and dogs on-leash.”

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Waterfront Park

“Located in the city centre on Water Street next to the Grand Hotel, Waterfront Park is equipped with a concession stand and washroom facilities. Winding along the lakeshore, this park has a broad boardwalk that meanders along the waters edge all the way to City Park. Perfectly landscaped gardens, public art and plenty of city views await.”

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City Park

“This beachfront public park on Okanagan Lake has a long sandy beach, lawn bowling, children’s waterpark, aqua park (WibitÓĘě), playground, picnic area, mobile and static concession stands, skateboard park, running track, sportsfield as well as change room and washroom facilities.”

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Gyro Beach Park

“Gyro Park Beach is one of Kelowna’s most well known and favorite beaches. Located in South Kelowna, Boyce-Gyro Park is popular for the amenities it offers, it’s close location to the Mission Park and Pandosy shopping areas and it’s also close to nice hotels and motels in the South Kelowna city area.”

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Mission Creek Regional Park

“Mission Creek Regional Park has many things to offer the visitor and residents of the Central Okanagan.

The first stop might be at the EECO (Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan) an interpretive centre with environmental displays, trail, park and recreation information for the whole of the Central Okanagan.

The park has over 12 kilometres of hiking trails (Link to Trail Guide) with interpretive signage to help you explore the local flora and fauna. Of special interest are the birds that frequent the ponds in the park. Please don’t feed them as they can find their own food!

You’ll also see a splash of red from September until mid October as the Kokanee salmon make the Spawning Channel come alive. During the spawning run interpretive programs are available for the public and schools.”

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Bear Creek Provincial Park

“Truly a natural wonderland, Bear Creek Provincial Park is situated in the Central Okanagan Basin on the west side of Okanagan Lake.

The park features lakeside camping, over 400 metres of sandy beaches and 5 km of spectacular, well-marked hiking trails. A picturesque canyon has been carved into the bedrock by Bear Creek tumbling onto a cottonwood-lined delta.”

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