The North American Swedish Fish Factory

Did you know our favourite gill-bearing gummies are actually made in Ontario?

Crispy Crunch

It’s made by Cadbury, and it’s just one of many exclusive sweets Canada has decided to keep as a dark, chocolatey secret.

The Original Tim Hortons

No trip to Canada would be complete without a breakfast biscuit from this classy convenience chain, which started out serving only humble coffee and donuts of the highest quality. Take that, 7-Eleven.

Half The World’s Polar Bears

More than 50% of our planet’s furry white guys hail from Canada, and you can meet them when you drive in a tundra buggy, canoe the river, or stay in a lodge on their migration route.

Milk In A Bag

You may think milk in a bag defies the laws of physics come pouring time, but the bags are placed in a pitcher container and the corner is snipped off at an angle for easy pouring. Bags of milk are still popular in Ontario, Quebec, and Eastern Canada, but have been phased out in other parts of the country.

A Maple Syrup Monopoly

That’s right: We have more than 8,000 businesses in Canada to thank for producing 80% of the Earth’s syrup. Tour a real syrup farm to understand the magnitude Canada’s contribution to your pancakes.

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