Daily View 4 Great Parks in Victoria  Image of Daily View 4 Great Parks in Victoria

Beacon Hill Park

“Beacon Hill Park has an abundance of natural features, including the native Garry Oak ecosystem with spectacular spring shows of blue flowering camas and native wildflowers, large grasslands and Douglas-fir woods. Meandering footpaths offer long strolls among manicured flower beds and features for the whole family to enjoy. Kite enthusiasts, paragliders and sailboarders can also take advantage of the open vista across the Strait of Juan De Fuca. Beacon Hill Park has an important status as Mile “0”, the western terminus of the of the 8,000 kilometre Trans-Canada Highway.”

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Clover Point Park

“Dallas Road in Victoria is a scenic costline drive that begins near Fishermen’s Wharf and winds its way south past Ogden Point and east through Holland Point Park, Beacon Hill Park, Clover Point Park and Ross Bay. These are all locations that are, or will be, featured on this site.

Wind-swept Clover Point is the starting point for a walk along the Ross Bay sea wall – just under three kilometers return (under two miles). This is a popular site for hang-gliding, wind-surfing, and wave-watching – winter storms are often spectacular – but it can be quite and serene as well.

As an alternative to the return trip via the sea wall, cross Dallas Road for access to the historic Ross Bay Cemetery; walk back through the cemetery and along some of the pretty neighbouring streets.”

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Mount Tolmie Park

“There are exceptional views from the summit at Mount Tolmie Park which is part of the reason why hiking and sight-seeing are so popular in this park. Widely recognized as “The Best Place to View the City”, the summit viewpoints provide an excellent panorama of Greater Victoria and the surrounding region.”

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Willows Park

“A developed waterfront park (1.17 hectare) with large grassed area, change rooms and washrooms, concession and tea room, picnic tables, benches, children’s play area, sandy beach, esplanade and walkway. There are some imperiled species on the beach area.

This scenic developed waterfront park is highly used for active and passive recreational activities on its open grass and beachfront. The park is a social gathering place where visitors of all ages enjoy mostly unstructured activities appropriate to its beachfront setting.”

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