5 Great Ice Cream Parlors in Edmonton

When the summer sun heats up Edmonton, the city’s inhabitants know just where to turn to cool down: ice cream parlors. These frozen havens offer more than just a place to satisfy sweet cravings; they are pillars of the community, serving up happiness in a cone or a cup, one scoop at a time. From the classics to exotic flavors, Edmonton’s ice cream scene is sure to delight.

1. Yelo’d Ice Cream and Bake Shoppe

Location: 10150A 82 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Yelo’d Ice Cream and Bake Shoppe is a unique dessert spot that brings a Filipino twist to your traditional ice cream parlor. This shop serves up delectable ice cream flavors made from scratch, like Ube (Purple Yam), Pandan, and Mango. They also offer a range of soft-serve flavors that changes every two weeks, so you’ll always have a reason to come back for more!

2. Kind Ice Cream

Location: 9551 76 Avenue NW, Edmonton

With a focus on serving local, sustainable, and kind-to-the-earth ice cream, Kind Ice Cream is a neighborhood gem. From classic flavors like Vanilla and Chocolate, to innovative ones like Honey Lavender and Earl Grey Tea, there’s something for everyone. The shop also offers several vegan-friendly options, ensuring all ice cream lovers can find a scoop to enjoy.

3. Pinocchio Italian Ice Cream

Location: 12728 107 Avenue NW, Edmonton

Pinocchio Italian Ice Cream is an Edmonton staple. This family-run parlor has been serving authentic Italian Gelato for over 30 years, attracting locals and tourists alike. With over 60 flavors to choose from, including the indulgent Chocolate Hazelnut and bright, tart Lemon Sorbetto, you’re sure to find a flavor (or two!) to fall in love with.

4. Made by Marcus

Location: 10426 82 Avenue NW, Edmonton

For those seeking an experimental twist to their dessert, Made by Marcus is a must-visit. This micro-creamery prides itself on its artisanal, small-batch ice creams in a myriad of unusual yet satisfying flavors like Lemon Curd Blueberry or Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk. Bonus: they serve some of the creamiest soft serve in town.

5. DaVinci Gelato Originale

Location: 10578 113 Street NW, Edmonton

At DaVinci Gelato Originale, they believe in crafting authentic gelato that would make its namesake proud. All their recipes are original and produced in-house using only fresh, natural ingredients. With unique flavor offerings like Pistachio, Salted Caramel, and Chili Chocolate, your taste buds are in for a unique treat.

No matter where you find yourself in Edmonton, there’s an ice cream parlor waiting to serve you a scoop of creamy, chilly joy. Each location offers a unique experience, from traditional to experimental, providing a delightful, and delicious, chill. So, next time the sun’s rays feel a tad too strong, just remember – an ice cream oasis is never too far away.