Daily View 3 Victoria Escape Rooms  Image of Daily View 3 Victoria Escape Rooms

Trapped Victoria – Room Escape

“Trapped Victoria, a 5D real-life escape room gaming facility, is now open in the heart of Victoria’s downtown tourist district, beside Bastion Square. At Trapped, players are challenged to display their intelligence, marvels, and artistry by outwitting the Game Master, which involves solving challenging puzzles, discovering exciting clues, and escaping within the time limit of 60 minutes. Trapped’s escape rooms offer varying levels of difficulty, so those who are both new to escape games and the most experienced can have fun. Trapped provides year round entertainment, where people can experience the hottest new trend in Date Nights, Family Fun and Corporate Team-Building.”

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Horror Escape

“You’ll have 45 minutes to solve a mystery in our detailed escape room sets, finding clues, solving puzzles, triggering high tech props and unlocking your way into multiple rooms! We offer 3 unique escape rooms at Horror Escape and we launch a new experience every year. We’re a local business with a passion for creating immersive and thrilling entertainment.”

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Escape Warriors

“Welcome to Escape Warriors, the professionally designed escape room in Victoria, BC.
We bring to you the most creative combination of entertainment and immersive experience.
Our current capacity can host as many as 28 players playing at the same time.

Our escape rooms are designed by the seasoned designers in the industry to ensure you have the fun, immersive gaming experience. Our designers also craftily embedded a variety of high-tech props to enhance that gaming experience, especially in the theme of “Stkaaye’s Secret”. The rooms at Escape Warriors tend to be more challenging than other regular escape rooms.”

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