If you intend to visit Victoria, BC, soon, you might want to include the following places on your trip plan. They offer an enjoyable morning or afternoon of sightseeing that is perfect for the history buff.  

Emily Carr House

One of the most beautiful home restorations in the area, the Emily Carr House is the childhood home of this Canadian writer and artist who lived from 1871 to 1945. Each room has been decorated with period pieces, providing an authentic atmosphere. Depending on when you make the trip out, you might get to attend one of the contemporary art exhibitions that happen throughout the year. No matter what time of the year you book your tour, you have a chance to visit with some of the cats living at the Carr House. They are friendly and playful! Private, group, and school tours are available upon request.  

British Columbia Legislature Building  

Enjoy an opportunity to visit the British Columbia Legislature Building on a free tour that allows you to explore this heritage building in all of its architectural beauty. The free guided tour takes slightly less than an hour, but you might want to wear comfortable shoes anyway. While there, you will have the opportunity to attend one of the debates in the Chamber of the Parliament Building if it is in session. Seats are on a first come basis, so it is possible that you might not be able to gain entrance during the busy times throughout the year. If you get hungry while there, you can enjoy a light breakfast or lunch in the quiet of the Parliamentary Dining Room.

Ross Bay Cemetery 

A kaleidoscope of granite monuments, sandstone statues, and marble presentations greets you as you enter the grounds of the Ross Bay Cemetery. This unique display is representative of a Victorian-era burial site, complete with a vibrant landscape filled with plantings of many kinds. The grounds offer a quiet place to gather your thoughts as you stroll along past the park or sculpture garden located alongside the cemetery. Ocean views add to the charm of this location, which is home to many famous Americans and Canadians, including Emily Carr (writer and artist) and Sir James Douglas (first governor of British Columbia).

A Trip Back in Time

The preservation of historical spots provides a glimpse into the past. Visiting these locations gives you a chance to see how people lived and work many years ago.