Daily View 3 Beautiful Golf Courses In Victoria  Image of Daily View 3 Beautiful Golf Courses In Victoria

Whether you’re taking a trip to Victoria, BC, for business or pleasure, you might want to get in a few holes of golf. If the weather is agreeable, why not? Here is a look at three of the best golf courses in Victoria today.

Cedar Hill Golf Course

From the moment that you walk onto the pristine greens of Cedar Hill Golf Course, you’ll be delighted with the gorgeous views that accompany the opportunity to play 18 holes. Rentals and a practice range round out this golfing destination nicely. Bring along non-golfing members of your family or group, and they can walk the 3.5-km chip trail that meanders along the perimeter of the course. The buffet offers delicious entrees, so be sure to stop and have a bite to eat before leaving for the day. Non-golfers are welcome to enjoy light food service at the clubhouse as well.

Highland Pacific Golf Course

Having opened in 2008, the Highland Pacific Golf Course offers a panoramic display of scenic beauty encompassing lush greens, regional flora, and blue skies. Six skill levels and more than 6,600 yards join together to create the perfect golfing experience for a group with golfers having different capabilities. The course is a bit challenging, but it does offer a driving range where you can warm up if you need to do so. Rental clubs, golf carts, a wide variety of golf ball brands – what more could you ask for in your golfing adventure? Oh yes, an onsite café provides sustenance!

Mt. Douglas Golf Course

The diversity of flora and fauna surrounding the Mt. Douglas Golf Course, which is located in Blenkinsop Valley, provides a gorgeous backdrop for a morning or afternoon out teeing off. While this course only offers 9-hole courses, it does have nine of them, giving you lots of choices when determining just how challenging you want your golf day to be. The staff working here is known to go out of their way for guests, so if customer service is important to you, this is the course to attend. You can get lessons, power carts, and lots of snacks and beverages!

Score More Than a Bogie!

These three courses blend nature and golf together in a picturesque way that will have you wanting to take out your camera as frequently as your clubs. While you are sure to enjoy playing a round of 9 or 18 holes, you’ll also appreciate the beautiful surroundings.