Bagpipe Law

Victoria, B.C., has some pretty extensive regulations governing street performers, including a special section relating specifically to bagpipers. Along with rules laying out where and when pipers can pipe, there is also legislation stating that a bagpiper can’t perform at “the same time as another street entertainer whose performance includes bagpipes.”

Water Level

Lawmakers in Etobicoke, Ontario, are big believers in bathtub safety, so much so that a local bylaw states that a bathtub should not be filled with more than three-and-a-half inches of water. Note to Etobicoke lawmakers: next time you take a bath, fill it with three-and-a-half inches of water and see how that works out for you…

No Cows

While it’s not illegal to own a cow in Newfoundland, it is against the law to keep that cow in one’s home like a house pet. It’s also illegal, by the way, to drive cattle through the streets of St. John’s, but only after 8 a.m. Apparently, Newfoundland cattle drives are more of a late-night thing.

Tall Snowman

Souris, PEI, boasts a law making it illegal to build a snowman that is higher than 30 inches (two-and-a-half feet) tall. In Souris, there’s apparently less likelihood of a snowman melting than being accidentally stomped under somebody’s boot.

No Purple

If you live in Kanata, Ont., feel free to paint your garage door any colour you want. Except purple. That’s against the law, and you will be fined. This probably explains why Prince never settled down in Kanata.

Comic Book Crime

Thanks to an obscure law in the Canadian Criminal Code dating back to the 1940s, it’s illegal to possess, print, publish or sell a comic book that depicts any criminal act. 


Although those guys on inexplicably-still-on-the-air TV series Finding Bigfoot have yet to actually live up to the show’s title, if they happen to come across a Sasquatch in B.C. they’d be wise to not harm a hair on its furry body. That’s because an obscure law (which may or may not be an urban legend) states that it’s illegal to shoot a “Mowgli” (the nickname for Sasquatch back in the day).

Ice Cream Sunday

If you’re ever in Ottawa on a Sunday and get a hankering for an ice cream cone, whatever you do, don’t eat it on Bank Street. That’s because eating ice cream on Bank Street on any other day of the week is perfectly fine, but Sundays? Against the law!

Butter Up

Prior to 1995, it was illegal to sell yellow-coloured margarine in Ontario, thanks to the relentless lobbying efforts of Canada’s dairy industry. The goal of keeping margarine white was presumably to make it appear less appetizing to consumers, thus leading them to the warm, greasy embrace of real butter.

Colour Blind

Having a home with more than two different colours of paint will earn you a fine if you live in Beaconsfield, Quebec, where houses should be only two colours — or, even better, just one!

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